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Nathan Sloan's Story

  • Dr. Nuzzo was fantastic. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of knee surgery. However, he had the easy part because I was knocked out and couldn't scream at him in pain; the PT's at SPOC had to endure that. The staff at SPOC's PT building were amazing. I was a very active person prior to injuring myself and I told the staff I wanted to get back to doing the things I love doing. They pushed me, guided me, encouraged me and ultimately got me to a place where I could see the finish line. I could feel the difference they were making; it was more than just my knee. There was a significant mental difference they helped me push through. The thoughts about whether I would get back to "normal" crossed my mind constantly, especially in the early stages. That's when the staff at PT stepped in and knew the outcome if I would continue to push. They knew what I could and couldn't handle and were there every step of the way.

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