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  • Great. Very professional. Have recommended your group, specifically Dr. Nuzzo to others.
  • Great experience. Repeat patient who chose to have a second surgery with Dr. Nuzzo because he is a great doctor. Office staff was very helpful with disability paper work as well.
  • I came to Dr. Nuzzo after having a botched procedure up in Sacramento. I had a horrible recovery where the pain never ended and my knee was still unstable. No doctor in Northern California would see m...
  • Dr. Nuzzo did a wonderful job repairing my injured shoulder. He explained the process of surgery, after care and therapy, and it all worked out just as he planned. I am finishing physical therapy now,...
  • Dr. Nuzzo was very professional, found what was wrong with my shoulder and did a great surgery. My shoulder feels better than it has in a long time.
  • I had a good experience. Shoulder surgery went great and really came out stronger now.
  • Thumbs up to the doc and the therapist assigned to me. If you have an injury and want excellent treatment, SPOC is the place to go.
  • I came in with injury from working out at gym. I liked the relaxed atmosphere, especially from the doctor. Since my surgery, I have returned to all my activities (though some not as strenuous as befor...
  • Doctor covered the test results with me in terms I could understand. I was advised what treatment options were available and doctors recommendations as to which one we should go with first. I feel tha...
  • I have seen the doctor twice and both times it was a pleasant experience. The staff is very kind and I had minimal wait time. I will be seeing him again this month to discuss my options. I work in the...

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